Dorchester Circuit hosts outreach-oriented back-to-school event

The women of Zion United Methodist Church, in cooperation with Salem UMC, offered a back-to-school event on Aug. 13 that included food, fun and school supplies.

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It’s up to us

Churches should be safe spaces. When we enter a church, just like when we enter a school, most of us feel a reasonable expectation that we are entering a place where no harm is supposed to occur. A lot of that assumption has to do with the inherent trust we place in such institutions. An editorial by Jessica Brodie.



Life has the capacity to break all of us, yet we draw comfort in knowing that we are stronger at the broken places. A column by Bishop L. Jonathan Holston.


What have we learned?

What you have learned since March 2020? Has your perspective changed? How you have grown as a child of God? By Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie.

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