Delegates gear up for November Jurisdictional Conference

UMCSC’s Nelson among episcopal nominees. By Jessica Brodie.

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What have we learned?

What you have learned since March 2020? Has your perspective changed? How you have grown as a child of God? By Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie.


Fullness of life

What if we offered the world an example of how to live differently? A column for the Advocate by Bishop L. Jonathan Holston.


'Get over yourself'

My sister, a school counselor in North Carolina, shared a teaching podcast-video with me that dives into the extraordinarily difficult realities experienced by those who teach in public schools today. A column by Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie.

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Betrayed With a Kiss

The story of how one S.C. United Methodist pastor, the Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass, found God and spiritual transformation out of the heartbreak and trauma of an abusive marriage and other mental anguish.

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