AC UPDATE: Three more delegates elected; seven total

By Jessica Brodie *UPDATED*

GREENVILLE—Annual Conference has elected three more delegates as of Tuesday evening at 5:20 p.m., when results of Clergy and Laity Ballots 3 were announced—one clergy and two laity.

On Clergy Ballot 3, the Rev. Keith Hunter was elected with 248 votes.

On Laity Ballot 3, Michael Cheatham (383 votes) and Herman Lightsey (374 votes) were elected.

Elected so far are the following:


  1. Rev. Ken Nelson (Clergy Ballot 1, with 291 votes)
  2. Dr. Robin Dease (Clergy Ballot 1, with 260 votes)
  3. Rev. Keith Hunter (Clergy Ballot 3, with 248 votes)


  1. Jacqueline Jenkins (Lay Ballot 1, with 419 votes)
  2. James Salley (Lay Ballot 1, with 372 votes)
  3. Michael Cheatham (Lay Ballot 1, with 383 votes)
  4. Herman Lightsey (Lay Ballot 1, with 374 votes)

For Clergy Ballot 3, 216 votes were needed for an election. Top clergy vote-getters (these were not elected) were as follows: Susan Leonard with 201 votes, Tim Rogers with 195, Will Malambri with 193, Emily Sutton with 183, Karen Jones with 182, Tiffany Knowlin with 164 and Tim McClendon with 158.

For Laity Ballot 3, 370 votes were needed for an election. Top laity vote-getters (these were not elected) were as follows: Martha Fridy Thompson with 333 votes, David Braddon with 331, Chris Lynch with 315, Emily Evans with 300, Marlene Spencer with 263 and David Salter with 238.

Clergy and Laity Ballots 4 were taken just before the 5:30 p.m. dinner break. Results are expected when business resumes this evening.

Annual Conference will elect 32 delegates to the 2020 General and Jurisdictional conferences. Sixteen delegates (eight clergy and eight laity, plus alternates) will be elected for General Conference 2020, and 16 more (eight clergy and eight laity) will be elected to go to Jurisdictional Conference with the General Conference delegates.

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