The Advocate Press is the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate’s book publishing venture. The Advocate Press produces books targeted to South Carolina United Methodists with a mission to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The mission of the Advocate Press is to produce books of interest to South Carolina United Methodists on matters of faith and to amplify regional voices and those that advocate for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Who Am I? A Devotional for a Jesus-Centered School Year

In the Gospel of John, Jesus clearly tells us who he is—the Great I Am—and helps us to discover who we are in him. But the chaos and rush of the world sometimes drown out that truth. In this student devotional, which follows the school year from August through May, students from sixth to twelfth grade can dive into Jesus’s seven “I Am” statements week by week, helping us navigate our identity in Christ as we navigate the academic season. From “I am the true vine” to “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” uncover the freedom each of us has in the risen savior even as we struggle to figure out what God has planned for our life. The devotional is authored by Cindy Barrineau Curtis, a master teacher, published author, and motivational speaker whose career spans more than 30 years in education, ministry, writing, and speaking. Currently she is the youth director at St. Andrews Parish United Methodist Church, Charleston.

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From My Heart to Your Eyes: Poems of Faith and Social Justice, by Stephon C. Void

A collection of poems on faith and justice from one man’s experiences as he walks with Christ in the world, reflecting on his heritage, what it means to be a minority in America, how it feels to be marginalized by fellow believers, and how his relationship with Jesus keeps him strong.

Stephon C. Void, a native of Bowman, South Carolina, is a certified lay servant in the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church and holds a bachelor’s in biology and a master’s in biotechnology from Claflin University. He is the nuclear magnetic resonance technician in Claflin’s Department of Chemistry. He loves to serve his church, New Covenant UMC, and community in any way God needs him.

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Walk With Me: Your Spiritual Esteem Journey, by Cathy Joens and Toni Taylor

Where is your spiritual esteem? Cathy Joens and Toni Taylor take you on a journey to learn what holds you back from sharing your faith confidently and what keeps you from stepping out of the boat to lead. As holy friends, Cathy and Toni explore spiritual esteem, what tears it down, and why it matters. They walk with you as you discover a deeper, more authentic relationship with God, self, and others.  Spiritual esteem is the confidence to absolutely, with conviction, without a doubt, believe in who you are—the same way God believes in you. It gives you the courage to rise above yourself for the sake of others and the Gospel. In this timely and much-needed book, Walk With Me provides you a new faith lens to look inside yourself, love who you are, and share your faith with passion.

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Faith in Action: Stories of Salkehatchie Summer Service, by the Rev. John Wesley Culp Sr.

Since 1978, Salkehatchie Summer Service has been changing hearts and lives by offering youth and adults an opportunity to draw closer to Christ through service. Teams go directly into communities of chronic poverty and repair the homes of local families there. By immersing them in an intense physical, emotional, and spiritual experience, Salkehatchie aims to make disciples of Christ. After a week of service, many of the volunteers say, “My life changed forever.” In this book, Salkehatchie’s founder, the Rev. John Wesley Culp Sr., gathers stories of those who offered sweat, blood, and tears in grueling heat, some for one summer and some returning summer after summer for decades—today bringing their own children and even grandchildren. Today, these volunteers are teachers, doctors, lawyers, business people, ministers, military personnel, parents, and community members engaged in all walks of life. Their work is a collective witness of the power of Christ’s redeeming and merciful love at work in our lives.

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What I Have Come to Believe, by the Rev. Arthur H. Holt

Are you wavering in some of your theological convictions? Have you given faith the boot from your life, believing it has no place in our modern scientific world? Or are you confused about how to reconcile what you read in Scripture with the “love all” model Jesus Christ offers in his own life? From conservative evangelical to theological liberal, the spiritual journey of retired South Carolina United Methodist pastor the Rev. Arthur H. Holt has evolved over the years. Here, Holt explores his theology, reflecting on everything from abortion, science, sexuality, and the End Times to sin, the spirit, and the Bible.

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More Stories of Racial Awakening: Narratives of Changed Hearts and Lives from South Carolina United Methodists

In light of the ongoing racial justice issues in this state, nation and world, the Advocate Press has released a Part 2 of its popular racial narratives anthology. The book includes a foreword written by South Carolina United Methodist Resident Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, and it is edited with an introduction by Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie. The book gathers narratives from South Carolina United Methodists about how their perspective on race have changed. Sometimes raw and vulnerable, sometimes uplifting and a testimony to Christian unity and sometimes deeply painful, the 24 stories in this collection help shine light into the darkness that is racism—and how we can all strive together for change. The book also contains discussion questions to help facilitate a talk or time of sharing about race with your church, small group or Bible study class. It is a follow-up book to the first collection, “Stories of Racial Awakening” (see below), which was published in 2017. (2021)

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Preaching In the Midst Of… How Black Preaching Has Changed in the COVID-19 Pandemic

This groundbreaking book by South Carolina United Methodist pastor the Rev. Amiri Hooker explores the innovative and Spirit-filled ways Black preachers are bringing Jesus and justice to the people in the midst of a tri-pandemic of disease, racism and poverty. A fierce challenge to rise up and embrace prophetic, transformative preaching, it draws from a rich blend of hip hop artists, theologians and other intellectuals as it guides readers toward a new paradigm for bringing the gospel message with relevance, authority and truth. (2021)

Edited by Jessica Brodie with a foreword by author and theology professor Harry Singleton III.


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Called By God: 30 Inspiring Call Stories from South Carolina United Methodists

Their stories are so different, yet each one poignant, intimate, and surprisingly similar—God called. And one by one, each of the men and women in this book answered: Yes, God, I will be your minister. Sometimes their answer came immediately, and other times it came after half a lifetime spent running in the opposite direction. Sometimes God spoke through a whisper, another person, or a series of mysterious, painstaking, against-all-odds circumstances. But whatever way the call came, God met each one of these people and called them to the ministry, and they said yes. In this collection of call stories, 30 men and women of different ages, races, and genders share about their own invitation to ministry and what it took for them to agree. These earnest, sometimes funny stories of God at work in the lives of ordinary people will inspire you and help you consider your own call to serve God. (2020)

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What Would Granny Say? And Other Somewhat Embellished Memories

This collection of faith-based essays is authored by South Carolina United Methodist pastor the Rev. Tony Rowell. For decades, Rowell—a mission trip leader, songwriter, photographer and storyteller—has made it his passion to experience, gather and share stories of the Lord at work in big ways and small. Now, a lifetime of memories is offered in one collection of 79 essays. From fishing with his granny in the Florida Panhandle, to stumbling into boars and bear alike in the Carolina wilderness, to ministry in Bolivia, Colombia and Latvia, Rowell weaves beauty with simplicity and good old-fashioned humor. His photographs of both nature and people are peppered throughout, along with a healthy dose of Granny’s wisdom, prompting the title. (2020)

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Feed My Sheep: A 40-Day Devotional to Develop a Heart for Hunger Ministry
In this 40-day devotional written by Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie, verses from God’s Holy Word are teamed with hunger ministry stories that have appeared in the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate newspaper over the last decade. Not only does this book lift up the work of United Methodists in South Carolina who provide food for people in need, but it glorifies the message Jesus gave His disciples in John 21:15-17 to feed and otherwise care for others. (2019)
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More Like Jesus: A Devotional Journey—Forty Days of Self-Reflection as We Strive to Be Followers of Christ
MLJ frontJesus’s words and actions in the years He spent on earth spell out critically important things. Foremost is that God is our utmost priority, and everything we are, do, and have is because of Him and from Him. But the second priority is to love others—and Jesus showed we can do that in a number of key ways. Love transcends emotion. Love is a verb. And loving others is how we can demonstrate our love for God. In this 40-day devotional, written by author and award-winning journalist Jessica Brodie (editor of the Advocate), Jesus’s words and actions in Scripture are teamed with articles that have appeared in the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate over the last few years, showcasing what it looks like to be a real-life, modern-day Christ-follower. (2018)
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Stories of Racial Awakening: Narratives on Changed Hearts and Lives of South Carolina United Methodists
race-book-coverA white Air Force trainee whose eyes were opened while traveling with an African-American classmate on a train through the 1960s South. A young African-American girl who first realized she was black when she encountered a playground bully on an Upstate South Carolina jungle gym. In this book, 20 people share deeply personal narratives of their own racial awakenings. The narratives first appeared in the pages of the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate newspaper, one a month for 20 months. Now, the full collection is available in one handy anthology with discussion questions, a foreword by South Carolina United Methodist Resident Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, and edited with an introduction by Advocate editor Jessica Brodie. (2017)
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In the World, Not of the World: 175 Years of the S.C. United Methodist Advocate
history-book-coverIn 2012, the Advocate celebrated 175 years of existence, and to celebrate this milestone, the nonprofit newspaper ministry published a full-scale 175-year history. The handsome, heavily researched hardcover book covers the rich and tumultuous history of the Advocate from its founding in 1837 through the Civil War, two World Wars, temperance and the Civil Rights Movement, right up to today. It is the recipient of the Herbert Hucks Award (2013) from the South Carolina Conference Archives and History, as well as an Award of Excellence from the United Methodist Association of Communicators. (2012)
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